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Raised Mouldings: What do raised mouldings look like?

There are many different types of raised moulding used on doors. These can vary in size and shape but as a general rule smaller mouldings are used on poorer quality low end products. Here at Distinctive Doors we always use a larger more shapely and aesthetically pleasing design of raised moulding to help show the quality of our doors.

External Raised Mouldings

Raised mouldings on Exterior Doors come in many forms. Usually fitted to the external face of the doors (but not always, often they are fitted to both sides) the moulding can also take the form of a ‘Shelf’ such as that on the image on the left below.

Brookland Door Raised Moulding & Shelf Korean Moulding

Internal Raised Mouldings

Raised mouldings on interior doors are usually a separately carved beading fixed to the face of the door. This not always the case however, and sometimes they are actually a part of the glazing bead. They give added visual depth to the raised and fielded panels and emulate Olde English designs whilst retaining stylish modern feature.

White Oak Rivierabevel Mouldings White Oak Mouldings

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