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Joints used in the manufacture & construction of doors

What are the different types of joints used in woodwork when manufacturing doors?

Dowel Joints

Dowel Joints are used in woodwork. Generally used in interior doors within the door industry.
In a dowel construction door, spiral dowels and bore holes are aligned then glued and assembled in presses to form a secure joint. Using modern glues it is possible to create a very strong joint in this method and this is generally used in the construction of interior doors.

Mortise & Tenon Joints

Mortise & Tenon Joints are used in woodwork. Generally used in exterior doors within the door industry to give a stronger joint. A Dowel Jointed exterior door is generally not as strong as a Mortice & Tenon jointed door.

A ‘Tenon’ is machined onto one component and passed through a corresponding Mortice Hole in the other component into which it is to be jointed. The joint is glued & cramped together then wedged for security. Generally accepted as the stronger of the 2 types of joint, it is used primarily for exterior doors.

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