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Decorating Your Door: Applying clear treatment to an exterior door

Applying Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat to exterior doors, frames and other products.

At Distinctive Doors we have many years experience in how to treat and preserve the appearance of exterior woodwork. Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat provides the right protection and we believe it is one of the best wood treatments available.

To retain, as near as possible, the natural look and special features of timber Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat provides the right protection.

As one of the leading retailers in the UK we are able to supply this product at a very competive price.

Manufacturers instructions


  • General: Timber surfaces must be suitably prepared, clean, sound and dry. The moisture content should not exceed 18% prior to coating. Resinous deposits should be removed. Degrease any exposed bare timber surface by wiping with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits. Knotting agents should not be used with Sadolin translucent woodstain systems. Fillers specifically designed for use with timber such as the Sadolin woodfillers should be used for making good any minor surface defects, imperfections and open joints etc. General or All Purpose fillers are not suitable. Only use non – ferrous screws, nails and fixings.
  • New Timber: Any non preservative treated softwood timber should be treated with two liberal coats of Sadolin Wood Preserver, paying particular attention to end grains, allowing 24 hours drying time between coats and before overcoating with Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat. Where possible, the Clear Coat should be applied all round prior to fixing.
  • Base Stained Joinery: Prepare all surfaces in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Bare timber should be patch primed with one or more coats of Sadolin Classic in the appropriate colour to match existing base stain colour. Finish with 2 full coats of Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat allowing a minimum of 12 hours drying between coats.

Distinctive Doors Note: In order to comply with our guarantee terms you MUST apply minimum of 4 coats to completely seal and protect the door.

Sadolin Technical Helpline: 0844 7708 998

Other points worth noting

  • The first coat will almost disappear through absorption of the timber. More coats will give a richer finish.
  • All cut-outs, including behind hinges and locks, should be treated fully to ensure proper protection.
  • Lightly rubbing down the treated item between coats will give a better finish. We recommend the use of a plastic kitchen scourer to do this as sandpaper can be too abrasive and wire wool can break up affecting the overall finish.